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A simple (and quickly hacked together) mobile web "app" I've made for myself to track how much I smoke each day. It stores it's data in localStorage and the data gets reset every day. Note that it has only been tested on desktop Chrome and on Dolphin on Android.

It also sends data to the reportr service for historical collection and nice graphs.

How to use

Easy mode

Copy build/index.html to a web server of your choice and that's it (if you don't want to integrate with reportr).

Lazy mode

Bookmark in your mobile browser and enjoy.

Advanced mode

Run it locally:

git clone
cd CigaretteCounter
npm install

This will install dependencies and start a local static server, which you can access on localhost:8080/src/index.html.

If you make any changes, run grunt make which will provide you with a "production" version of the index.html file (build/index.html) with src/app.js minified and in-lined.

Reportr integration

If you want to send data to reportr (either your own instance or the one running on you'll have to create two configuration files:

src/config.js, which should contain: = (function () {
	var app = || {};
	app.useReportr = true;
	return app;
} () );

And src/reportr.config.php, which should contain:

$config = Array ();
$config['host'] = ''; // or your own instance
$config['token'] = 'your-reportr-token';
$config['icon_url'] = 'URL of the image to be displayed in the reportr dashboard';

With this in place run grunt make, which will copy everything to the build folder, and then you can copy that to your web server which must support PHP in order for the reporting to work.


I'll probably add some support to store historic data, but for now this is all I need.


Licensed under MIT. See file for details.

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A really simple mobile counter app.




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