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Overview of Sessions and Videos from Web Summit 2019 in Lisbon
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Web Summit Videos

The Videos from Web Summit have been posted to the Web Summit Vimeo Account.

However, I had difficulties finding some of the videos I was looking for.

That's why I created this little tool that fetches data from the Web Summit API as well as the Vimeo API and matches both together.

The output is a long list of Web Summit Talks together with the videos where I could match them.

Find the result here: Web Summit Videos

Development Setup


The page is generated through these steps:

  • Data is stored inside an SQLite Databse database.sqlite
  • Videos are imported from the Web Summit Vimeo Account via the Vimeo API
    • stored inside the table videos
  • Metadata of the Talks at Web Summit is imported from the Web Summit API
    • stored inside the table talks
  • Talks and Videos are matched
    • stored inside the table matches
  • An HTML page with the result is generated
    • stored as index.html

Vimeo API Credentials

Follow the Getting Started Guide for the Vimeo API to get your API credentials.

Create a new file config.js by copying config.dist.js and modifying the contents with your API credentials

Install dependencies

npm install

Import Videos

npm run import-videos

Import Web Summit Sessions

npm run import-schedule

Match Sessions with Videos

npm run match

Generate HTML page with result

npm run export
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