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@echo off
rem --------------------------
rem - REQUIRED - INSTALL NuGet packages\Gettext.Tools. (is included in test project for simple package restore)
rem --------------------------
rem 1) Generate inputfiles list used by xgettext
rem MODEL A (absolute path)
rem dir FlightJournal.Web\*.cs /S /B > translation-inputfiles.txt
rem dir FlightJournal.Web\*.cshtml /S /B >> translation-inputfiles.txt
rem MODEL B Specific folders - removing obj and the like (absolute path)
rem dir FlightJournal.Web\Controllers\*.cs /S /B > translation-inputfiles.txt
rem dir FlightJournal.Web\Models\*.cs /S /B > translation-inputfiles.txt
rem dir FlightJournal.Web\Views\*.cs /S /B > translation-inputfiles.txt
rem dir FlightJournal.Web\Views\*.cshtml /S /B >> translation-inputfiles.txt
rem MODEL C Relative paths - but with obj folders and package folders (anyone fresh for a fix ?)
@echo on>translation-inputfiles.txt
@echo off
setlocal EnableDelayedExpansion
for /L %%n in (1 1 500) do if "!__cd__:~%%n,1!" neq "" set /a "len=%%n+1"
setlocal DisableDelayedExpansion
for /r . %%g in (*.cs,*.cshtml) do (
set "absPath=%%g"
setlocal EnableDelayedExpansion
set "relPath=!absPath:~%len%!"
echo(!relPath! >> translation-inputfiles.txt
rem Create a new .pot from source, place it in the Language folder, and merge with the existing .po file
echo Regenerating FlightJournal.Web\Translations\messages.pot po Template file
packages\Gettext.Tools.\tools\bin\xgettext.exe -k -k_ -kLocalizedDisplayName --from-code=UTF-8 -L C# -o FlightJournal.Web\Translations\messages.pot -f translation-inputfiles.txt
echo Updating Translations\en\LC_MESSAGES\messages.po with po template
packages\Gettext.Tools.\tools\bin\msgmerge.exe --backup=none --lang=en -U FlightJournal.Web\Translations\en\LC_MESSAGES\messages.po FlightJournal.Web\Translations\messages.pot
echo Updating Translations\da\LC_MESSAGES\messages.po with po template
packages\Gettext.Tools.\tools\bin\msgmerge.exe --backup=none --lang=da -U FlightJournal.Web\Translations\da\LC_MESSAGES\messages.po FlightJournal.Web\Translations\messages.pot
echo Updating Translations\sv\LC_MESSAGES\messages.po with po template
packages\Gettext.Tools.\tools\bin\msgmerge.exe --backup=none --lang=sv -U FlightJournal.Web\Translations\sv\LC_MESSAGES\messages.po FlightJournal.Web\Translations\messages.pot
rem begin new language by copying
rem FlightJournal.Web\Translations\messages.pot
rem to FlightJournal.Web\Translations\LANG\LC_MESSAGES\messages.po
rem and add line for msgmerge.exe that handles merging changes to pot into existing LANG messages.po
rem Notice that omitting to set charset e.g. "Content-Type: text/plain; charset=iso-8859-1\n" in the target po file might erase special charaters when running msgmerge
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