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| Suhosin Version 1 |
| Copyright (c) 2006-2007 The Hardened-PHP Project |
| Copyright (c) 2007-2012 SektionEins GmbH |
| This source file is subject to version 3.01 of the PHP license, |
| that is bundled with this package in the file LICENSE, and is |
| available through the world-wide-web at the following url: |
| |
| If you did not receive a copy of the PHP license and are unable to |
| obtain it through the world-wide-web, please send a note to |
| so we can mail you a copy immediately. |
| Author: Stefan Esser <> |
/* $Id: php_suhosin.h,v 1.4 2008-01-13 22:50:37 sesser Exp $ */
#define SUHOSIN_EXT_VERSION "0.9.34-dev"
/*#define SUHOSIN_DEBUG*/
#define SUHOSIN_LOG "/tmp/suhosin_log.txt"
#ifdef PHP_WIN32
#define SDEBUG
#define SDEBUG(msg...) \
{FILE *f;f=fopen(SUHOSIN_LOG, "a+");if(f){fprintf(f,"[%u] ",getpid());fprintf(f, msg);fprintf(f,"\n");fclose(f);}}
#define SDEBUG(...)
extern zend_module_entry suhosin_module_entry;
#define phpext_suhosin_ptr &suhosin_module_entry
#ifdef PHP_WIN32
#define PHP_SUHOSIN_API __declspec(dllexport)
#ifdef ZTS
#include "TSRM.h"
/*#define STATIC static*/
#define STATIC
#define BYTE unsigned char /* 8 bits */
#define WORD unsigned int /* 32 bits */
#include "ext/standard/basic_functions.h"
zend_uint in_code_type;
long execution_depth;
zend_bool simulation;
zend_bool stealth;
zend_bool protectkey;
zend_bool executor_allow_symlink;
char *filter_action;
char *sql_user_prefix;
char *sql_user_postfix;
long sql_comment;
long sql_opencomment;
long sql_union;
long sql_mselect;
long max_execution_depth;
zend_bool abort_request;
long executor_include_max_traversal;
zend_bool executor_include_allow_writable_files;
HashTable *include_whitelist;
HashTable *include_blacklist;
HashTable *func_whitelist;
HashTable *func_blacklist;
HashTable *eval_whitelist;
HashTable *eval_blacklist;
zend_bool executor_disable_eval;
zend_bool executor_disable_emod;
/* request variables */
long max_request_variables;
long cur_request_variables;
long att_request_variables;
long max_varname_length;
long max_totalname_length;
long max_value_length;
long max_array_depth;
long max_array_index_length;
zend_bool disallow_nul;
zend_bool disallow_ws;
/* cookie variables */
long max_cookie_vars;
long cur_cookie_vars;
long att_cookie_vars;
long max_cookie_name_length;
long max_cookie_totalname_length;
long max_cookie_value_length;
long max_cookie_array_depth;
long max_cookie_array_index_length;
zend_bool disallow_cookie_nul;
zend_bool disallow_cookie_ws;
/* get variables */
long max_get_vars;
long cur_get_vars;
long att_get_vars;
long max_get_name_length;
long max_get_totalname_length;
long max_get_value_length;
long max_get_array_depth;
long max_get_array_index_length;
zend_bool disallow_get_nul;
zend_bool disallow_get_ws;
/* post variables */
long max_post_vars;
long cur_post_vars;
long att_post_vars;
long max_post_name_length;
long max_post_totalname_length;
long max_post_value_length;
long max_post_array_depth;
long max_post_array_index_length;
zend_bool disallow_post_nul;
zend_bool disallow_post_ws;
/* fileupload */
long upload_limit;
long num_uploads;
zend_bool upload_disallow_elf;
zend_bool upload_disallow_binary;
zend_bool upload_remove_binary;
char *upload_verification_script;
zend_bool no_more_variables;
zend_bool no_more_get_variables;
zend_bool no_more_post_variables;
zend_bool no_more_cookie_variables;
zend_bool no_more_uploads;
/* log */
zend_bool log_use_x_forwarded_for;
long log_syslog;
long log_syslog_facility;
long log_syslog_priority;
long log_script;
long log_sapi;
char *log_scriptname;
long log_phpscript;
char *log_phpscriptname;
zend_bool log_phpscript_is_safe;
long log_file;
char *log_filename;
/* header handler */
zend_bool allow_multiheader;
/* mailprotect */
long mailprotect;
/* memory_limit */
long memory_limit;
long hard_memory_limit;
/* sqlprotect */
zend_bool sql_bailout_on_error;
int (*old_php_body_write)(const char *str, unsigned int str_length TSRMLS_DC);
/* session */
void *s_module;
int (*old_s_read)(void **mod_data, const char *key, char **val, int *vallen TSRMLS_DC);
int (*old_s_write)(void **mod_data, const char *key, const char *val, const int vallen TSRMLS_DC);
int (*old_s_destroy)(void **mod_data, const char *key TSRMLS_DC);
BYTE fi[24],ri[24];
WORD fkey[120];
WORD rkey[120];
zend_bool session_encrypt;
char* session_cryptkey;
zend_bool session_cryptua;
zend_bool session_cryptdocroot;
long session_cryptraddr;
long session_checkraddr;
long session_max_id_length;
char* decrypted_cookie;
char* raw_cookie;
zend_bool cookie_encrypt;
char* cookie_cryptkey;
zend_bool cookie_cryptua;
zend_bool cookie_cryptdocroot;
long cookie_cryptraddr;
long cookie_checkraddr;
HashTable *cookie_plainlist;
HashTable *cookie_cryptlist;
zend_bool coredump;
zend_bool apc_bug_workaround;
zend_bool already_scanned;
zend_bool do_not_scan;
zend_bool server_encode;
zend_bool server_strip;
zend_bool disable_display_errors;
php_uint32 r_state[625];
php_uint32 *r_next;
int r_left;
zend_bool srand_ignore;
zend_bool mt_srand_ignore;
php_uint32 mt_state[625];
php_uint32 *mt_next;
int mt_left;
zend_bool r_is_seeded;
zend_bool mt_is_seeded;
/* PERDIR Handling */
char *perdir;
zend_bool log_perdir;
zend_bool exec_perdir;
zend_bool get_perdir;
zend_bool post_perdir;
zend_bool cookie_perdir;
zend_bool request_perdir;
zend_bool upload_perdir;
zend_bool sql_perdir;
zend_bool misc_perdir;
#ifdef ZTS
#define SUHOSIN_G(v) TSRMG(suhosin_globals_id, zend_suhosin_globals *, v)
#define SUHOSIN_G(v) (suhosin_globals.v)
#ifndef ZEND_ENGINE_2
#define OnUpdateLong OnUpdateInt
#define zend_symtable_find zend_hash_find
#define zend_symtable_update zend_hash_update
#define zend_symtable_exists zend_hash_exists
/* Error Constants */
#ifndef S_MEMORY
#define S_MEMORY (1<<0L)
#define S_MISC (1<<1L)
#define S_VARS (1<<2L)
#define S_FILES (1<<3L)
#define S_INCLUDE (1<<4L)
#define S_SQL (1<<5L)
#define S_EXECUTOR (1<<6L)
#define S_MAIL (1<<7L)
#define S_SESSION (1<<8L)
#define S_INTERNAL (1<<29L)
#define SUHOSIN_EVAL 1
static inline char *
suhosin_str_tolower_dup(const char *source, unsigned int length)
register char *dup = estrndup(source, length);
zend_str_tolower(dup, length);
return dup;
/* functions */
PHP_SUHOSIN_API void suhosin_log(int loglevel, char *fmt, ...);
char *suhosin_encrypt_string(char *str, int len, char *var, int vlen, char *key TSRMLS_DC);
char *suhosin_decrypt_string(char *str, int padded_len, char *var, int vlen, char *key, int *orig_len, int check_ra TSRMLS_DC);
char *suhosin_generate_key(char *key, zend_bool ua, zend_bool dr, long raddr, char *cryptkey TSRMLS_DC);
char *suhosin_cookie_decryptor(TSRMLS_D);
char *suhosin_getenv(char *name, size_t name_len TSRMLS_DC);
void suhosin_hook_post_handlers(TSRMLS_D);
void suhosin_unhook_post_handlers(TSRMLS_D);
void suhosin_hook_register_server_variables();
void suhosin_hook_header_handler();
void suhosin_unhook_header_handler();
void suhosin_hook_session(TSRMLS_D);
void suhosin_unhook_session(TSRMLS_D);
void suhosin_hook_sha256();
void suhosin_hook_ex_imp();
void suhosin_hook_treat_data();
void suhosin_hook_memory_limit();
void suhosin_hook_execute(TSRMLS_D);
void suhosin_unhook_execute();
void suhosin_aes_gentables();
void suhosin_aes_gkey(int nb,int nk,char *key TSRMLS_DC);
void suhosin_aes_encrypt(char *buff TSRMLS_DC);
void suhosin_aes_decrypt(char *buff TSRMLS_DC);
unsigned int suhosin_input_filter(int arg, char *var, char **val, unsigned int val_len, unsigned int *new_val_len TSRMLS_DC);
unsigned int suhosin_input_filter_wrapper(int arg, char *var, char **val, unsigned int val_len, unsigned int *new_val_len TSRMLS_DC);
extern unsigned int (*old_input_filter)(int arg, char *var, char **val, unsigned int val_len, unsigned int *new_val_len TSRMLS_DC);
void normalize_varname(char *varname);
int suhosin_rfc1867_filter(unsigned int event, void *event_data, void **extra TSRMLS_DC);
void suhosin_bailout(TSRMLS_D);
/* Add pseudo refcount macros for PHP version < 5.3 */
#define Z_REFCOUNT_PP(ppz) Z_REFCOUNT_P(*(ppz))
#define Z_SET_REFCOUNT_PP(ppz, rc) Z_SET_REFCOUNT_P(*(ppz), rc)
#define Z_ADDREF_PP(ppz) Z_ADDREF_P(*(ppz))
#define Z_DELREF_PP(ppz) Z_DELREF_P(*(ppz))
#define Z_ISREF_PP(ppz) Z_ISREF_P(*(ppz))
#define Z_SET_ISREF_PP(ppz) Z_SET_ISREF_P(*(ppz))
#define Z_UNSET_ISREF_PP(ppz) Z_UNSET_ISREF_P(*(ppz))
#define Z_SET_ISREF_TO_PP(ppz, isref) Z_SET_ISREF_TO_P(*(ppz), isref)
#define Z_REFCOUNT_P(pz) zval_refcount_p(pz)
#define Z_SET_REFCOUNT_P(pz, rc) zval_set_refcount_p(pz, rc)
#define Z_ADDREF_P(pz) zval_addref_p(pz)
#define Z_DELREF_P(pz) zval_delref_p(pz)
#define Z_ISREF_P(pz) zval_isref_p(pz)
#define Z_SET_ISREF_P(pz) zval_set_isref_p(pz)
#define Z_UNSET_ISREF_P(pz) zval_unset_isref_p(pz)
#define Z_SET_ISREF_TO_P(pz, isref) zval_set_isref_to_p(pz, isref)
#define Z_REFCOUNT(z) Z_REFCOUNT_P(&(z))
#define Z_SET_REFCOUNT(z, rc) Z_SET_REFCOUNT_P(&(z), rc)
#define Z_ADDREF(z) Z_ADDREF_P(&(z))
#define Z_DELREF(z) Z_DELREF_P(&(z))
#define Z_ISREF(z) Z_ISREF_P(&(z))
#define Z_SET_ISREF(z) Z_SET_ISREF_P(&(z))
#define Z_UNSET_ISREF(z) Z_UNSET_ISREF_P(&(z))
#define Z_SET_ISREF_TO(z, isref) Z_SET_ISREF_TO_P(&(z), isref)
#if defined(__GNUC__)
#define zend_always_inline inline __attribute__((always_inline))
#elif defined(_MSC_VER)
#define zend_always_inline __forceinline
#define zend_always_inline inline
static zend_always_inline zend_uint zval_refcount_p(zval* pz) {
return pz->refcount;
static zend_always_inline zend_uint zval_set_refcount_p(zval* pz, zend_uint rc) {
return pz->refcount = rc;
static zend_always_inline zend_uint zval_addref_p(zval* pz) {
return ++pz->refcount;
static zend_always_inline zend_uint zval_delref_p(zval* pz) {
return --pz->refcount;
static zend_always_inline zend_bool zval_isref_p(zval* pz) {
return pz->is_ref;
static zend_always_inline zend_bool zval_set_isref_p(zval* pz) {
return pz->is_ref = 1;
static zend_always_inline zend_bool zval_unset_isref_p(zval* pz) {
return pz->is_ref = 0;
static zend_always_inline zend_bool zval_set_isref_to_p(zval* pz, zend_bool isref) {
return pz->is_ref = isref;
#define PHP_ATLEAST_5_3 true
#endif /* PHP_SUHOSIN_H */
* Local variables:
* tab-width: 4
* c-basic-offset: 4
* End:
* vim600: noet sw=4 ts=4 fdm=marker
* vim<600: noet sw=4 ts=4
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