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Shortcut Translator

Intellij Idea plugin. Translates shortcuts from one keymap to another. Let's say you want to try this Jetbrains IDE you heard about, but you are used to the Eclipse / TextMate / Emacs / Netbeans shortcuts. Sure, you can easily change your keymap in IDEA / RubyMine / PyCharm ... But you want to learn the default Intellij shortcuts, just like you learned the TextMate shortcuts in TextMate and the Eclipse shortcuts in Eclipse. This plugin together with the ctrl+shift+a shortcut wil get you up to speed in no time.

It uses the built in keymaps in IntelliJ to do the translation.

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Install this plugin via the plugin manager in IntelliJ (File > Settings > Plugins).


Once installed, Ctrl+Shift+K brings up the dialog, any shortcut you press when the dialog is shown is translated from the selected source keymap to the selected target keymap. Press Esc, or click 'Ok' to close the dialog again.


Copyright and License

Copyright © 2012-, Janick Reynders. Licensed under MIT License.