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ebas is a lightweight user friendly mysql content manager.

Live Demo


Login with
Password ebas
Password ebas


  • Excel like table edit
  • Authentication for editor and admin users
  • Export data to CSV
  • Simple sort and search functionality
  • Add custom events for your workflow
  • Customizable dropdown for foreign key resolution
  • Everything is customizable (see config chapter)
  • Responsive and touch friendly


To make this application work with your existing database, it has to meet the follwing requirements:

  • ID must be the first field on every table
  • ID must be an Auto Increment


First of all, you have to install Npm which is part of Node.js.
Afterwards you can install the required tools with Npm on your command line:

Bower > npm install bower -g and
Grunt > npm install grunt-cli -g.

If you have installed all these tools, start to set up the project from your command line by running these commands:

bower install

The application is now ready to run. As you should have seen this guide doesn't cover any webserver nor mysql installations. You have to do that on your own. Checkout the guide from Janik von Rotz.
Now it's time to edit the configuration file so the application works with your database.
Create a copy of the config file and update it (see the Config chapter).

config-example.json > config.json


At this point you have to consider security restrictions. It's very important that you prevent the configuration files from being access. We recommand you to use at least the following Nginx access rules:

location ~* \.(json)$ {
    deny all;
location ~* /(node_modules|bower_components)/ {
    deny all;

This configuration will restrict access to any .json configuration files of this project and also denys access the development folders, which might contain code you are not aware of.


Update config.json based on your database fields and functions.

  • user MySQL database user
  • password MySQL database user password
  • server MySQL database servername
  • database MySQL database containing the tables to display
  • table[] Contains a configuration part for each table to display


  • name Displayname for the table of your choice
  • sqlname SQL table name
  • sqlstart Start of SELECT query for this table
  • options Display options for this table
    • hide Hide the table
    • adminonly Only give access to admin users
  • fields[] Contains definitons for each field to display
  • events[] Tasks to trigger on specific events


  • name Displayname for the field of your choice
  • sqlname SQL field name
  • sqldropdown Contains a SELECT statement, which acts as a foreign key display in the end. The first field has to be the ID of the foreign table, the foreign key in this field then will be replaced by a dropdown list containing the other fields of this statement.
  • options Display and process options for this field
    • contenteditable Allow edit on this field
    • runfunctiononce Run the process function only once
  • function MySQL function to run when value is added to the databse, use %VALUE% as placeholder


Events are tasks with different conditions that can be triggered on specific actions.
In the PHP code you can add a trigger with the following snippet:

$result = runEvents("tablename","task-Bereinigunglauf",elementid);

Then in the config file you have to associate the trigger with optional conditions and a task.

  • trigger Name of the event, which is being triggered on specific locations in the code
  • condition Contains conditions that have be true in order to run the event task
    • istable Condition where table name must be the value
  • task Definition of the event task


Whenever a data row is deleted this trigger is called.


This trigger is associated with the example task on the task page.


  • name Name of the task to run


This task copies the values of the current table to another table.

  • totable Name of the destination table
  • fieldmap[] Tell which field should be copied to a field in the destination
    • source Fieldname from the current table
    • destination Fieldname from the destination table


This task deletes items based on the rule where specific fields in a table hold the same value as the items to delete.

  • sourcetable Table containing the reference data sets
  • deleteontable Table containing the data sets to delete, referenced by the source table
  • fieldmap[] Define match rules for the delete reference
    • source Field holds the values to identify the elements for Deletion in the delete table
    • destination Field holds the value which are identified by the source field


ebas is a lightweight user friendly mysql content manager






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