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Create events and share photos with your friends.

  • Stores photos on Dropbox.
  • Invite users simply by email.

Technical features

  • Access control for methods, publications and routing.
  • Mobile first ui with material design.
  • Fulltext search everywhere.
  • File upload to Dropbox with Meteor-Files.
  • Images with different thumbnails.
  • Keyboard navigation in single views.
  • Ready for deployment to heroku.

Configure and Run

  • Copy settings.json to settings-dev.json and update the copy.
  • Run npm run dev.
  • Login with this url http://localhost:3000/login/


  • Install heroku toolbelt and make it ready for deployment.
  • Copy settings.json to settings-prod.json and update the copy.
  • Run npm run deploy.


  • Style file_list
  • All innline styles to const styles
  • On user delete remove participations in events
  • Filter old events
  • Download Button for Pictures


  • Reactive participants counter on event list (action is not fired, goes straight to detail view)


  • Mobile event view does not load (edit works fine) -> lags a lot.
  • Fix user search
  • Update header title and appbar with Redux
  • Design email for user inviations
  • Participants list in event (Chips)
  • New user doesn't work (probably because of the mail)
  • Configure smtp adress for send mail on heroku
  • Theme the app and MarkdownEditor
  • Event view - GoogleMaps
  • Add Roboto font
  • Add file version preview
  • Update button and position on every view and make sure structure of Cards are valid
  • Pages -> Page title="home" -> if not exist create page (check is sub) and show Draft.js Editor with markdown to render the page. With picture upload (drag and drop and paste) usage: page.
  • Changing album of covers in file list has no effect
  • User delete
  • Configure route not found
  • Delete old cover when adding a new
  • Add file loader component (Img src)
  • Ablums for every event, add picture type cover -> move it to different subfolder on dropbox
  • Event list - fallback for events without category or make category required
  • File edit - Cover change (there can be only the one)
  • Responsive File GridList
  • Load spinner for cover image
  • React Helmet with viewport 1
  • Do not login when creating a new user -> create user server side with method
  • User - expand form
  • Access control file: all, user: admin, event: admin
  • User action logging
  • Next and Previous navigation - add componentWillReceiveProps for spinner loading
  • 2 files goto previous not working
  • File edit - Spinner
  • User - check if is admin by method on client startup

Security risk

  • user_id can be faked on client side for logging.
  • authenticated user have right to update event (participation is updated client side)
  • user credentials are passed in get request.


Wait for user to load

Meteor environment variables

Meteor wrap async

Login and Redirect with Flowrouter

Switch case alternative

key press handling for react components

Sort not working in publication

Get next and previous

Dropbox uploads

Redux and mantra





Create events and share photos with your friends.



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