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Change log of the browser version

note that the changelog is also present on the website when you click on the version. Keep them in sync!



  • (same as vs code extension v0.7.6)
  • fixed issue #110 - Add feature to swap rows and columns


  • (same as vs code extension v0.7.5)
  • fixed issue #111 - add feature resize columns and rows
    • context menu item (which sets the column width(s) to doubleClickColumnHandleForcedWith)
  • fixed many issues that would break the doubleClickColumnHandleForcedWith feature
  • fixed issue #115 - Add newline at the end of file
    • new setting finalNewLine which controls how the final newline is handled
  • fixed issue where edit button was not shown for dynamic csv mode (rainbow csv extension)


  • (same as vs code extension v0.7.4)
  • fixed issue #112 - added keyboard shortcut to delete the current row (ctrl+shift+alt+minus)
    • behaves the same was as context menu action (actually uses it)
    • also works on mac (because normally alt+- [and or shift] will insert a dash)
  • added option csv-edit.showDeleteColumnHeaderButton true: shows a delete column button in the column header (on hover), false: not (fixes issue #113)
  • added option csv-edit.showDeleteRowHeaderButton true: shows a delete row button in the row header (on hover), false: not (fixes issue #113)
  • fixed issue #114 - "dynamic csv" is now also supported as language id


  • (same as vs code extension v0.7.3)
  • added option csv-edit.autoColumnWidthsIgnoreComments to ignore comment cells for auto column sizing
  • csv-edit.lastRowOrFirstRowNavigationBehavior default is now stop (was wrap)
  • csv-edit.lastColumnOrFirstColumnNavigationBehavior default is now stop (was wrap)


  • (same as vs code extension v0.7.2)
  • fixed issue #97 - fixed rows/columns is ignored if hasHeader was changed


  • (same as vs code extension v0.7.1)
  • fixed issue 94 - find widget buttons are outside if panel
  • find widget design is now more similar to vs code ones


  • (same as vs code extension v0.7.0)
  • fixed issue #73 - changed style to match vs code ones (with webview-ui-toolki)
    • however, there are some issues with
      • text input: input event don't get triggered when some table cell has focus...
      • dropdown: chaning font size is not possible
    • removed bulma css


  • (same as vs code extension v0.6.10)
  • fixed issue 93 - regex search ignored match-case option)


  • (same as vs code extension v0.6.9)
  • added option pasteMode to control how clipboard content is pasted into the table
    • it allows to ignore row/column separators (\n, \t) to paste the data into "fewer" cells
  • added setting fontFamilyInTable to control which font is used for the table
  • added option initialOnly_correctRowAlwaysFirstColumn to setting openTableAndSelectCellAtCursorPos to only open the correct row but always column one
    • this is now the new default
  • in the setting openTableAndSelectCellAtCursorPos the option initalOnly was renamed to initialOnly_correctRowAndColumn
  • added settings lastRowOrFirstRowNavigationBehavior and lastColumnOrFirstColumnNavigationBehavior to control if we wrap ad the start/end of rows/columns while navigating


  • (same as vs code extension v0.6.8)
  • added option openTableAndSelectCellAtCursorPos to open the table and selected the cell where the cursor was (fixed feature request #83)
    • on by default!
    • note for multi character delimiters it might not work properly (but should most of the time, only tested a few cases and it worked)
  • after reset dat and apply read options the scroll position and selected cell is restored (issue #84)


  • (same as vs code extension v0.6.6)
  • fixed issue 80: cell editor is not commited after pressing ctrl/cmd+s, so changes are not applied to file


  • (same as vs code extension v0.6.5)
  • fixed issue 77: Newlines inserted into pasted data (clipboard)
    • fixed via new internal handsontable version


  • (same as vs code extension v0.6.4)
  • fixed issue 72: copy limited to 1000 cells
    • changed the limit to 10000000


  • (same as vs code extension v0.6.3)
  • fixed issue 70: Removing columns doesn't remove header
    • undo/redo does not work with column headers


  • (same as vs code extension v0.6.2)
  • fixed issue 63: column header cells can now be edited
  • fixed issue 66: added readonly mode
  • fixed issue 64: some non-text keys (e.g. volume controls) not longer clear cell values
    • also compound characters also not clear cell values


  • (same as vs code extension v0.6.1)
  • added button to resize column to match their content


  • (same as vs code extension v0.6.0)
  • fixed issue where reordering/sorting breaks inserting
  • new logo


  • fixed issue in papaparse where multi-character delimiters won't work


  • added shortcuts to insert row above (ctrl+shift+alt+up) / below (ctrl+shift+alt+down) and insert column left (ctrl+shift+alt+left) / right (ctrl+shift+alt+right)


  • (same as vs code extension v0.5.6)
  • added option to handle empty values (null, undefined and empty (string) values) quoteEmptyOrNullFields
    • takes always precedence over retainQuoteInformation


  • (same as vs code extension v0.5.5)
  • fixed papaparse issue where null values (e.g. when a new row/col was added via handsontable) did't respect the retainQuoteInformation


  • (same as vs code extension v0.5.3)
  • added additional buttons to insert rows/columns
  • fixed issue where the table height is not properly resized when the windows is resized
  • resetting data now keeps column widths
    • when removing a column left from a column the (right) column keeps it size
    • the width is also shifted
  • added hint what option EscapeChar does (escapes the QuoteChar inside field values)


  • (same as vs code extension v0.5.2)
  • added hint to readme how to set csv for different file types in vs code
    • was asked several times
  • read option has header can now be toggled even if the table has only 1 row this will automatically enable the option as soon as the table gets >= 2 rows
  • side bar stats are only updated if the side bar is visible
    • opening the side bar will calculate the stats (reselect is not needed)


  • added multi column sorting (custom handsontable version bump)
  • left side panel (stats) now supports two different number styles


  • toast now displays the exported file encoding
  • side panel can now be resized


  • initial release