Boilerplate for Koa, TypeScript and React for server side templating
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Boilerplate for Koa, TypeScript and React for server side templating

A simple boilerplate that integrates the Koa framework with TypeScript and React.js for templating.

Note that this is not pushing React for the front end, but purely for a back end templating. If you want something universal that runs the same code on the server and the browser, you can take a look at Next.js or other similar solutions. A good place to start is reading about Building Decoupled Sites and Apps with GraphQL and Next.js.

I might use this in the future, so it's mostly a personal backup. No warranty whatsoever.


If you want to try it for development, first install Nodemon, ts-node and Yarn.

Install dependencies from NPM with yarn and then run nodemon (which in turn restarts ts-node on changes):

$ yarn
$ yarn run dev


For production environments you need to first compile the TypeScript source to JavaScript (to build/) and then run the app:

$ yarn run build
$ yarn run start

Note: Please note that when running in production, the environment variable NODE_ENV should be set to production as this improves the performance of Server Side Rendered React.js significantly.