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Circle CI Docker Hub

Popular development environments as Docker containers.

Core images are available on Docker Hub under /janitortechnology/.


Most images here are based on ubuntu-dev, which is basically ubuntu:16.04 with:

  • Useful packages like clang, git, vim
  • A user which can sudo
  • Remote access via ssh, Cloud9 IDE and noVNC
  • An extensible supervisor configuration

To build janitortechnology/ubuntu-dev yourself:

cd ubuntu-dev
docker build -t janitortechnology/ubuntu-dev -f ubuntu-dev.dockerfile .


docker run -it --rm janitortechnology/chromium /bin/bash
user@container:~/chromium/src (master) $ ninja -C out/Release chrome -j18

To build janitortechnology/chromium yourself:

cd chromium
docker build -t janitortechnology/chromium -f chromium.dockerfile .


docker run -it --rm janitortechnology/discourse /bin/bash
user@container:~/discourse (master) $ bundle exec rspec

To build janitortechnology/discourse yourself:

cd discourse
docker build -t janitortechnology/discourse -f discourse.dockerfile .


docker run -it --rm janitortechnology/firefox /bin/bash
user@container:~/firefox (master) $ ./mach build

To build janitortechnology/firefox yourself:

cd firefox
docker build -t janitortechnology/firefox -f firefox-git.dockerfile .

Or for a Firefox image that uses Mercurial (hg) instead of Git:

cd firefox
docker build -t janitortechnology/firefox-hg -f firefox-hg.dockerfile .

Firefox for Android (Fennec)

docker run -it --rm janitortechnology/fennec /bin/bash
user@container:~/fennec (master) $ ./mach build

To build janitortechnology/fennec yourself:

cd fennec
docker build -t janitortechnology/fennec -f fennec.dockerfile .


docker run -it --rm janitortechnology/rust /bin/bash
user@container:~/rust (master) $ ./x.py build

To build janitortechnology/rust yourself:

cd rust
docker build -t janitortechnology/rust -f rust.dockerfile .


docker run -it --rm janitortechnology/servo /bin/bash
user@container:~/servo (master) $ ./mach build -d

To build janitortechnology/servo yourself:

cd servo
docker build -t janitortechnology/servo -f servo.dockerfile .


docker run -it --rm janitortechnology/thunderbird /bin/bash
user@container:~/thunderbird $ ./mozilla/mach build

To build janitortechnology/thunderbird yourself:

cd thunderbird
docker build -t janitortechnology/thunderbird -f thunderbird.dockerfile .


docker run -it --rm janitortechnology/janitor /bin/bash
user@container:~/janitor (master) $ node app

To build janitortechnology/janitor yourself:

cd janitor
docker build -t janitortechnology/janitor -f janitor.dockerfile .


docker run -it --rm janitortechnology/privatebin /bin/bash
user@container:~/janitor (master) $ unit-test

To build janitortechnology/privatebin yourself:

cd privatebin
docker build -t janitortechnology/privatebin -f privatebin.dockerfile .

More Dockerfiles

There are other great development Dockerfiles out there:


docker run -it --rm rcay/kdecore /bin/bash
user@container:~/kdesrc-build $ ./kdesrc-build --make-options=-j8 --no-src

To build rcay/kdecore yourself:

cd kde
docker build -t rcay/kdecore -f kde.docker .