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Adds :target to list of supported pseudo classes

Adds :target to the pseudos variable in the coffee scripts and
compiles the changes to the kss.js file.

Adding :target allows us to show these modifiers in the generated
style guides. Without support, targetted styles cannot be displayed
without user interaction.
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1 parent 45ee9a7 commit 1cf23ea57e0973a39356aeeae3a72bcac0ceda71 @janiv committed Jan 3, 2013
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@@ -1,15 +1,15 @@
# This class scans your stylesheets for pseudo classes, then inserts a new CSS
# rule with the same properties, but named 'psuedo-class-{{name}}'.
-# Supported pseudo classes: hover, disabled, active, visited, focus.
+# Supported pseudo classes: hover, disabled, active, visited, focus, target.
# Example:
# a:hover{ color:blue; }
# => a.pseudo-class-hover{ color:blue; }
class KssStateGenerator
constructor: ->
- pseudos = /(\:hover|\:disabled|\:active|\:visited|\:focus)/g
+ pseudos = /(\:hover|\:disabled|\:active|\:visited|\:focus|\:target)/g
for stylesheet in document.styleSheets

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