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[FrameworkBundle] updated czech translation

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commit 1d90b43a4f2f6e6bcc3ba047d1cbc16dc8512a31 1 parent 5731516
@hason hason authored
20 src/Symfony/Bundle/FrameworkBundle/Resources/translations/validators.cs.xliff
@@ -142,6 +142,26 @@
<source>This value should be a valid number</source>
<target>Tato hodnota musí být číslo</target>
+ <trans-unit id="36">
+ <source>This file is not a valid image</source>
+ <target>Tento soubor není obrázek</target>
+ </trans-unit>
+ <trans-unit id="37">
+ <source>This is not a valid IP address</source>
+ <target>Toto není platná IP adresa</target>
+ </trans-unit>
+ <trans-unit id="38">
+ <source>This value is not a valid language</source>
+ <target>Tento jazyk neexistuje</target>
+ </trans-unit>
+ <trans-unit id="39">
+ <source>This value is not a valid locale</source>
+ <target>Tato lokalizace neexistuje</target>
+ </trans-unit>
+ <trans-unit id="40">
+ <source>This value is not a valid country</source>
+ <target>Tato země neexistuje</target>
+ </trans-unit>
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