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This is a Gizoogle integration for Slack. It will translate your english sentences into Snoop Dogg english using gizoogle NPM module.


Service setup

You'll need a running instance of this service to be able to integrate it with Slack. You basically have two options - using my hosted version or running the service yourself. The important things is that this service has to be running on publicly accessible URL.

My hosted version

You can use the service running at I cannot guarantee the service availability though.

Self hosted version

This integration is built using Node.js. To run it please do the following:

  • Have Node.js and NPM installed on your system
  • Clone this repository
  • Run npm install to install all required dependencies (there are not many, don't worry)
  • Run npm start to start the service. By default it will listen on port 8080 on your localhost.

Slack setup

After having the service up & running you'll need to setup your Slack. This service is intended to be used as a slash command. Please follow instructions on slack website to set up a slack command for this.

You'll need to enter the URL of your service into the command URL input box. For example when using my hosted version the URL you need to use is:

Don't forget the /translate URL path!


This service uses awesome Gizoogle website, go check it out. To use the translator as a NPM module please see gizoogle.


Gizoogle slack integration




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