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Meetingroom management with Physical Web, web part
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This is the web interface for a smart meetingroom. It's an interface to a physical device that is located within the meetingroom, which communicates over BLE and MQTT. In our tests MQTT messages are dispatched over a LoRa network, so the device does not need network connectivity nor power in the office.


The device, at it's bare minimum, requires a PIR sensor for motion detection and a networking chip. The motion data is then sent on regular intervals to ThingFabric over MQTT. Highly recommended is a BLE chip that broadcasts the URL of the meeting room over physical web for discoverability.

The MQTT message needs to have a property rise_state (0|1), which specifies whether motion was detected when the package was sent, and a property last_rise, which is the last time motion was detected (in seconds ago).

The meeting room needs to have a Google Calendar, in which appointments are created. This is used as the data store.


In the config folder you can create a new configuration file. A config file contains of the following fields:

  • clear_mu_cache Whether to clear the template cache before rendering. Use this whenever you're developing, otherwise changes to your HTML are not shown straight away.
  • hostname Base URL of your service (needs to be registed with Google API)
  • thingfabric_server Thingfabric API with your domain and stuff specified
  • rooms Each meetingroom you want to manage. calendarId is the Google Calendar, thing the name in ThingFabric

Starting up

You'll need credentials for the Google Calendar API, and credentials for the ThingFabric API. Then start up with:

#q = Google ClientID
#r = Google Secret
#s = ThingFabric User
#t = ThingFabric Password
#dev = Name of the config file (expands to config/dev.json)

Then go to /rooms/bdb1 (or your room name) to start the app.

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