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IPTV player and streamer for Linux that allows to play any stream that LibVLC can play, offers an overlay based on WebKit using HTML5, JavaScript and CSS and uses XMLTV data for EPG information. It allows the playback of URLs, files and can grab URLs from shell scripts. XMLTV EPG data can be downloaded directly from URLs or grabbed from shell scripts.

How to install

You can install iptvx either through pre-built packages, by getting a released tarball or by cloning the git repository and then compiling yourself. All information on how to install iptvx can be obtained from the Installation instructions. You can find packages for OpenSUSE, Debian, Arch and Ubuntu in the Package List.

What you can expect

The aim of iptvx is to provide a software set-top box for Linux systems. It includes the playback of live TV channels and display of EPG as well as recording functionality. In its current state of development iptvx already provides playback from various sources as well as EPG functionality.

Channel information

Live channel information are obtained from the EPG and constantly updated during runtime. It also shows the upcoming shows as well as title and duration.

Programme information from the EPG

Browsing through channels

The channel list allows quick browsing through the channels while displaying the shows currently on at the same time. It also provides a large channel image to quickly identify the channel.

The channel list for channel selection

Viewing all EPG information

EPG display is large and it's design inspired by TV magazines. Channels are displayed horizontally and their programme vertically by time, making it easy to quickly scroll through the programme.

The main view of the EPG in magazine style

EPG search functionality

The programme search allows to quickly find favourite shows in the future and in the current programme. It eleminates the hassle of browsing through the EPG to find interesting shows.

Search functionality for the EPG

Subtitles and audio tracks

Through a menu it is possible to quickly select the audio track and subtitles available within the stream. They can be switched without any interruption of the playback.

Subtitle and audio track configuration

Where to obtain help

If you need help with iptvx, you can obtain it in the iptvx wiki or throught IRC on FreeNode in the #iptvx channel. It is generally recommended to check the wiki before anything else.

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