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This app has been moved to the Shrine repository.

Shrine Roda example

This is a Roda & Sequel demo for Shrine. It demonstrates how easy it is to implement complex file upload flow with Shrine. It allows the user to add or remove photos.


  1. User selects one or more files
  2. They asynchronously upload directly to S3 (with a progress bar)
  3. Photo records are created with (temporarily stored) images
  4. Background job starts processing and permanently storing images
  5. On finishing it updates the record with original image and its thumbnail


  1. User marks photos for deletion and submits
  2. Deletion starts in background, and form submits instantly
  3. Background job finishes deleting

This is generally the best user experience for file uploads, because everything is done asynchronously, the user doesn't have to wait for processing, and they're completely unaware of background jobs.

It is also great peformance-wise, since your app doesn't have to accept file uploads (files are uploaded directly to S3), and it isn't blocked by processing, storing or deleting.


To run the app you need to setup the following things:

  • Install ImageMagick:

    $ brew install imagemagick
  • Install the gems:

    $ bundle install
  • Have SQLite on your machine, and run

    $ sequel -m db/migrations sqlite://database.sqlite3
  • Put your Amazon S3 credentials in .env and setup CORS.


Once you have all of these things set up, you can run the app:

$ bundle exec rackup