@janko33bd janko33bd released this Jan 19, 2018 · 34 commits to Blackcoin-Lore since this release

Assets 10


  • support for colored coins transactions
  • drivechains support
  • 0 confirmation transaction support
  • Ddos protection against many 0 confirmation transactions
  • new address style with "blackcoin:" prefix, easy to remember(turned on with option)
  • fixed memory leaks
  • staking icon fixed
  • toggle for unmasking password
  • wallet refactored
  • build scripts refactored
  • new 0.13 RPC
  • Block builder patches
  • HD on GUI from 0.14
  • auto-complete in console
  • stake balance added to overview page
  • RPC for malleability detection of standard transaction

Special thanks to


vinceblk, mtjburton
and others.

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❗️ wallet.dat from 1.2.4 is not compatible with Lore

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