Astronomical image examination and object identification.
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Note About this fork:

   PIXY2 is great software, but was not updated for last two years. 
   This fork makes it compilable on recent JVM, removes dependencies
   on external libraries (XML, JIMI) and adds more recent catalog support (UCAC3)

Original README:

	PIXY System 2  (2007 July 15)  README

			Seiichi Yoshida (
			MISAO Project

Thank you for downloading the PIXY System 2, Practical Image
eXamination and Inner-objects Identification system. This software is
developed under the MISAO Project, Multitudinous Image-based
Sky-survey and Accumulative Observations. 

* Manifest

	ChangeLog	The log of changes.
	README		This file.
	pixy2.exe	The launcher of the PIXY System 2 for Windows.
	pixy2.jar	The PIXY System 2 program file.	The sample star catalog used in the tutorial mode.
	sample.fts	The sample image used in the tutorial mode.
	sample.xml	The examination result of the sample image.

* Installation

	Unpack this package and put the seven files in a folder.

* Running the system

    1) Windows

	Run the "pixy2.exe", and a dialog with three buttons will
	appear. Then push the "Setup" button at first and input the 
	following five parameters properly.

		Path of java.exe
		Path of pixy2.jar
		Path of
		Path of plug-in files

	For example, when your PC has 128MB memory, input "100" or so
	in the Memory field. But 200MB or more memory is recommended.

	The "Path of" and "Path of plug-in files"
	can be blank.

	Once you set up the parameters properly, you can push the "Run 
	PIXY" button and run the system.

    2) UNIX

	Move to the folder you installed the system and just type as

		java -jar pixy2.jar

	When your workstation has enough memory, it is better to set
	the option of memory used by the PIXY System. For example,
	when your workstation has 128MB memory, just type as follows:

		java -Xmx100m -jar pixy2.jar

	But 200MB or more memory is recommended.

	When you have some plug-in files, specify the path of the
	directory of the plug-in class files using the system property
	"misao.plugin". For example, when the plug-in files are in
	"/usr/local/lib/pixy", just type as follows:

		java -Dmisao.plugin=/usr/local/lib/pixy -jar pixy2.jar

    When running the PIXY System using J2SE 1.2.2, the system may ask
    you to install the JAXP, Java API for XML Parsing. In that case,
    please unpack the JAXP 1.0.1 package and copy jaxp.jar and
    parser.jar in the proper directory where the PIXY System

* Caution

    In the case of 2003 January version or the older, the system does
    not start when you put the files of JAVA or PIXY System 2 under a
    folder containing white spaces in its name such as "Program Files".
    Please download the new version of the PIXY System 2.

    A FITS image data is recorded in bottom-to-top order. However,
    most of the FITS images in Japan contain data in top-to-bottom
    order. The PIXY System 2 reads FITS image data in Japanese style
    by default. So opening a world standard FITS file, the image
    appears upside down. To show the world standard FITS images in
    correct order, please select the "Configuration" menu in the main
    menu, select the "Image Configuration" sub menu, and check
    "standard" in "Default FITS data order" on the dialog box.

    The PIXY System 2 cannot view an image to the display when using
    J2SE 1.3. The examination rarely stops illegally when using J2SE
    1.3. Please use J2SE 1.4 or later, or 1.2.2.

    When Japanese characters are used in the folder or file name,
    the file cannot be opened by drag and drop using J2SE 1.2.2.

    In the case of 2003 May version or the older, it may happens that
    an error message "ERROR: not found." appears
    and the system does not start when you push the "Run PIXY"
    button. Please download the new version of the PIXY System 2.

The PIXY System 2 is in the midst of being improved. The latest
version is available at the MISAO Project Home Page:

Your advices, comments, bug reports, and any other contributions are
welcome. Please make a contact to Seiichi Yoshida:

Copyright ------------------------------------------------------------

PIXY System 2 (2007 July 15)
Copyright (C) 1997-2007 Seiichi Yoshida (
All rights reserved.
MISAO Project

The copyright of the sample image is reserved by Ken-ichi Kadota.

Java is the trademark of Sun Microsystems(tm), Inc.

The class files in net.aerith.misao.xml.relaxer package are created by
Relaxer from the RELAX files.

Special Thanks To:
  Ken-ichi Kadota, Akimasa Nakamura, and all image contributors.
  Ken'ichi Torii, Makoto Yoshikawa, and all misao-j ML members.
  Taichi Kato, and the VSOLJ (Variable Star Observers League in Japan).
  Bruce Koehn, David G. Monet, and the U.S. Naval Observatory.
  Bill J. Gray, and the Project Pluto.
  John Greaves, and all bug reporters.
... and everyone for informative advices and comments.