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Parse JIRA XML into CouchDB
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Easy browsing for JIRA issues.


Needs PHP 5. Yes, PHP. Get over it.


First run:

Customise the top of gigan.php. Then run:

$ GIGAN_BOOT=true php lib/gigan.php

After that, create a cronjob running php lib/gigan.php every X minutes (I default to 15) to fetch the latest changes from JIRA.

If you don't feel like running that cronjob, get in touch, I'm happy to host your JIRA's importer publicly.

Browsing Issues

Gigan comes with a little CouchApp that lets you browse your issues by a few predefined filters as well as allows you to create your own filters.

  1. Install CouchApp. Usually, that is just a sudo easy_install -U couchapp
  2. $ cd gigan/gigan-view
  3. $ couchapp push . gigan
  4. Go to

Creating New Filters

Create a new filter by creating a new view.

$ cd gigan/gigan-view/views
$ mkdir by-type
$ mate by-type/map.js
function(doc) {
  if(doc.type && doc.title && doc.jira_key) {
    emit(doc.type, {
      title: doc.type + ": " + doc.title,
      jira_key: doc.jira_key
$ couchapp push . gigan

This creates a new filter that sorts all issues by type and displays the type along with the issue title. The important part is the call to emit(). The first argument is the key to sort your issues by the second is an object that needs to have a title and a jira_key attribute. The former is for display the latter is for linking.

Your new filter should show up on automatically.


Gigan is Godzilla's archenemy. Jira is the Japanese name for Godzilla. Fuck JIRA.

“Gigan was the first monster to cause Godzilla to visibly bleed.” —

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