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mustache.js Changes


  • Added Dot Notation Support


  • Added Compiled Template support
  • Correct Set Delimiter implementation
  • Implements & unescaping character
  • Multiline Comments
  • Syntactically Important Whitespace (Issues 25, 41, 48, and 67)
  • QUnit unit tests

0.3.0 (21-07-2010)

  • Improved whitespace handling.
  • Make IMPLICIT ITERATORS a first class feature.
  • Fix Rhino compat.
  • CommonJS packaging is no longer a special case.
  • DRY Rakefile.
  • Allow whitespace around tag names.
  • Fix partial scope.
  • Fix Comments.
  • Added inverted sections.
  • Avoid double encoding of entities.
  • Use sections to dereference subcontexts.
  • Added higher order sections.

0.2.3 (28-03-2010)

  • Better error message for missing partials.
  • Added more robust type detection.
  • Parse pragmas only once.
  • Throw exception when encountering an unknown pragma.
  • Ignore undefined partial contexts. Returns verbatim partials.
  • Added yui3 packaging.

0.2.2 (11-02-2010)

  • ctemplate compat: Partials are indicated by >, not <.
  • Add support for {{%PRAGMA}} to enable features.
  • Made array of strings an option. Enable with {{%JSTACHE-ENABLE-STRING-ARRAYS}}.
  • mustache compat: Don't barf on unknown variables.
  • Add rake dojo target to create a dojo package.
  • Add streaming api.
  • Add support for pragma options.
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