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= 0.7.1 / 6 Dec 2012
* Handle empty templates gracefully. Fixes #265, #267, and #270.
* Cache partials by template, not by name. Fixes #257.
* Added Mustache.compileTokens to compile the output of Mustache.parse. Fixes
= 0.7.0 / 10 Sep 2012
* Rename Renderer => Writer.
* Allow partials to be loaded dynamically using a callback (thanks
@TiddoLangerak for the suggestion).
* Fixed a bug with higher-order sections that prevented them from being
passed the raw text of the section from the original template.
* More concise token format. Tokens also include start/end indices in the
original template.
* High-level API is consistent with the Writer API.
* Allow partials to be passed to the pre-compiled function (thanks
* Don't use eval (thanks @cweider).
= 0.6.0 / 31 Aug 2012
* Use JavaScript's definition of falsy when determining whether to render an
inverted section or not. Issue #186.
* Use Mustache.escape to escape values inside {{}}. This function may be
reassigned to alter the default escaping behavior. Issue #244.
* Fixed a bug that clashed with QUnit (thanks @kannix).
* Added volo support (thanks @guybedford).
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