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+### Compiled Templates
+Mustache templates can be compiled into JavaScript functions using `Mustache.compile` for improved rendering performance.
+If you have template views that are rendered multiple times, compiling your template into a JavaScript function will minimise the amount of work required for each re-render.
+Pre-compiled templates can also be generated server-side, for delivery to the browser as ready to use JavaScript functions, further reducing the amount of client side processing required for initialising templates.
+Use `Mustache.compile` to compile standard Mustache string templates into reusable Mustache template functions.
+ var compiledTemplate = Mustache.compile(stringTemplate);
+The function returned from `Mustache.compile` can then be called directly, passing in the template data as an argument (with an object of partials as an optional second parameter), to generate the final output.
+ var templateOutput = compiledTemplate(templateData);
+Template partials can also be compiled using the `Mustache.compilePartial` function. The first parameter of this function, is the name of the partial as it appears within parent templates.
+ Mustache.compilePartial('partial-name', stringTemplate);
+Compiled partials are then available to both `Mustache.render` and `Mustache.compile`.
## Plugins for JavaScript Libraries
mustache.js may be built specifically for several different client libraries, including the following:
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