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Commits on Jun 4, 2012
  1. @mjackson

    Ignore node_modules

    mjackson authored
Commits on Jan 11, 2012
  1. @mjackson

    Parser rewrite

    mjackson authored
    This commit is a complete rewrite of the core mustache.js file with two
    main goals: 1) a major performance boost and 2) better compliance with
    the mustache spec.
    In order to improve performance templates are pre-compiled to JavaScript
    functions. These compiled functions take a view, a partials object, and
    an optional callback as arguments. They are cached to prevent
    unnecessary re-compilation of an already compiled template. Both of
    these enhancements facilitate a generous boost in performance.
    A few other notes:
    - The mustache.js file is now both browser and CommonJS ready without
      any modification.
    - The API exposes two main methods: Mustache.compile and
      Mustache.render. The former is used to generate a function for a given
      template, while the latter is a higher-level function that is used to
      compile and render a template in one shot. Mustache.to_html is still
      available for backwards compatibility.
    - The concept of pragmas is removed to conform more closely to the
      original mustache spec. The dot symbol still works to reference the
      current item in an array.
    - The parser is much more strict about whitespace than it was before. The
      rule is simple: if a line contains only a non-variable tag (i.e. not
      {{tag}} or {{{tag}}}) and whitespace, that line is ignored in the
      output. Users may use the "space" option when compiling templates to
      preserve every whitespace character in the original template.
    - The parser is able to provide detailed information about where errors
      occur when parsing and rendering templates, including the line number
      and surrounding code context.
Commits on Dec 14, 2011
  1. @mjackson
Commits on Dec 13, 2011
  1. @mjackson

    Ignore .rvmrc

    mjackson authored
Commits on May 9, 2010
  1. @jhs
Commits on Apr 1, 2010
  1. Move commonjs branch into master.

    lib/mustache.js is now always kept in sync with mustache.js
    (cc @tlrobinson, @boucher)
Commits on Mar 29, 2010
  1. @qoobaa

    added YUI3 support

    qoobaa authored committed
Commits on Nov 14, 2009
  1. ignore dojox

Commits on Oct 20, 2009
  1. move jQuery and CommonJS packages to the top level

    Jan Lehnardt authored
  2. @langalex


    langalex authored
Commits on Oct 12, 2009
  1. add gitignore

    Jan Lehnardt authored
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