Accessing Array item by index in template #158

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<li lat="{{ll[0]}}" lng="{{ll[1]}}">{{name}}</li>

ll is a two item array [47, -122]

Is this valid or do I have to write a function to extra the item at index I want?



{{ll.0}} and {{ll.1}} will work in most mustache implementations... haven't tried it in mustache.js though :)


Thanks, I'll give that a try.


Indeed, if you're using 0.5 (currently on master) you can do something like this:

mustache.render("{{a.0}}", {a: ['hi']})
=> 'hi'
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P48L0 commented May 9, 2012

this should be on the documentation, it's very usefull. You can even do this if you are int he current item: {{0}}

piazera commented Dec 18, 2013

how can I use another {{variable}} as the index?
i.e. {{my_array.{{my_index}}}}


@piazera You can't. Mustache feels like that's one step too far over the "logic-less" line.

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