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I'm working on a project where we would like to know what variables are referenced in a template, but are not present in a view object.

I think a user-supplied function is preferable, but I've only spent a little while with the code so I don't know the preferred method (call user-supplied function for each, store each a property, etc). Assuming you agree with the goal, just let me know the preferred approach and I'm willing to give it a go and submit a Pull Request.



I have a need for this also. I'm thinking a sort of "method_missing" implementation if you're familiar with Ruby.

So a template of {{foo}} - {{bar}}, with following view:

var view = {
  foo: 'ok',
  missing: function(key) {
    return: key + ' is unknown';

...would result in ok - bar is unknown.


I'll close this issue due to inactivity. If it's still relevant, leave a comment and I'll reopen it.

This could be added as an overridable public function.

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