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Below is a list of companies and applications using Mustache.js in production.

Kano Games



  • Company:
  • Description: Apple use mustache.js as little template engine for some interactive futures like web site search menu in select an iPhone 5 page. They also use it for the main rendering engine in several of their internal websites for Marketing Communications.

Pattern Lab - Node

MotivAgent - Gamification for Call Centres

  • Company:
  • Description: MotivAgent uses mustache.js for the Gamification platform. MotivAgent is a cloud-based gamification platform that enables call centres to improve employee performance through game-based motivation, recognition, reward and healthy competition.

Appacitive - Making app development simple

  • Application:
  • Company:
  • Description: Appacitive uses mustache.js (with backbone.js) on their Portal as a template engine. Appacitive is a visual Backend as a Service platform which lets you create your backend infrastructure by just drawing your data model. No need to worry about servers, databases, underlying technologies etc. Now you can just focus on building your mobile or web app, let us worry about everything else.

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2014

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