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<title> Lightning Talks, Mai 26th, 2010, Berlin</title>
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<p>I gave two lightning talks at <a href=""></a>.
<p>On this note, huge congrats to <a href="">Jannis Leidel</a> &amp; Team for running a top-notch conference.
<p>(04:50) The first talk was on <a href="">Mustache</a>, more specifically the <a href="">PyStache</a> variety. <a href="mustachein5.pdf">Download slides</a>.
<h2>Peer-to-Peer CouchDB Applications</h2>
<p>(03:53) The second talk was about replicatable, pure, 2-tier <a href="">CouchDB Applications</a> (no pony for you) that replicate with the data to the devices of users instead of being centralized. <a href="couchdbin5.pdf">Download slides</a>.