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+Actual conversation from #stationx on freenode about how I need to write a README
+theophani: so the key thing to google is "jekyll github pages"
+theophani: I had never heard of it before either
+theophani: and spent 2.5 hours been super frustrated that I could not figure out how edit the site after @janl set it up for me.
+theophani: he would have helped, if I'd asked.
+theophani: warning: the actual github pages help are not helpful.
+fnords: i will use my google-fu to figure it out
+theophani: intro:
+theophani: actual help:
+theophani: premise: if you have a branch named gh-pages, you automatically create github pages for the repo. if you want to have a blog, you can have JUST a branch called gh-pages
+fnords: aha!
+ln2v: oh, so they don't actually go into master?
+theophani: exactly
+theophani: I should copy and paste this conversation as the readme :D
+ln2v: feel free! ;)
+station x (cc)

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