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+title: Practical Tips for Creating Great Slides
+# {{ page.title }}
+Great slides can enhance your arguments, provide a compelling counter-point to your talk,
+and help create dynamic tension.
+Awful slides can take away all of the focus from what you're saying, bore your audience
+into a stupor, or provide reading light while the audience checks their emails.
+## Make it readable
+That means big, big fonts, excellent contrast, and using the top half of the screen in
+preference to the bottom half, since part of the audience might be sitting behind other parts
+of the audience.
+## Avoid bullets
+No, really. If you need notes, put them on paper cards, or in the presenter view in your presenter software.
+The audience will read ahead of you, and then will go straight to their email.
+## Use Code Carefully
+Code is tricky. It requires context. A point made in code generally requires a fair amount of it.
+A few things to note:
+* Use as big a font as you can get away with
+* Go with dark text on light background
+* Use syntax highlighting
+If you take screenshots, make sure you can make the image large enough without getting fuzzy.
+If you don't take screenshots, you're going to want to look into something that creates syntax highlighted
+.rtf versions of your code.
+The python library pygments is a good choice.
+You'll need [a decent color schema](
+That one is based off of github's syntax highlighting, and was used to create [these sample slides](
+If you're [emulating terminal output/commands]( a black background will work, but make sure that the font color is extremely bright.
+## Resources
+[Better Presentation Slides (video)](
+A lightning talk by Shane Becker (@veganstraightedge)
+[Slide Design For Developers](
+A blog post by Zach Holman (@holman)
+[Improve Your Technical Slides](
+Excellent tips about colors, fonts, and using code.

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