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irbtools-more adds gems to IRB that may not build out-of-the-box

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irbtools-more adds more IRB gems which may not build out-of-the-box. Currently included: bond for better auto-completion and looksee for great method introspection. It also adds the binding_of_caller gem to enable starting IRB by just calling repl anywhere in your code. See the irbtools readme for details.


gem install irbtools-more


To use it, put the following in your ~/.irbrc file (this file is loaded every time you start an irb):

require 'irbtools/more'

If it does not exist, just create a new one. It's possible to modify, which libraries get loaded:

require 'irbtools/configure'
Irbtools.add_package :more # adds this extension package
# here you can edit which libraries get loaded. See the irbtools README for details.

Bundler Environments

In you Gemfile, you will need to add:

gem 'irbtools-more', require: 'debugging/repl'

Another way is to add a debundle hack at the beginning of your ~/.irbrc.


Copyright © 2010-2014 Jan Lelis, See LICENSE for details.

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