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MicroLogger [version] [CI]

A minimal logger based on MicroEvent.


Add to your Gemfile

gem 'micrologger'

How to Use It

A new logger has to be configured what should be done on log events using handler procs. There are two default handlers for logging to STDOUT/STDERR included:

$logger =
$logger.register :info, :stdout
$logger.register :fatal, :stderr

$logger.log "debug" # STDOUT: debug
$logger.log "error", :fatal # STDERR: error

For any andvanced or customized behaviour, you will need to register your own blocks/procs:

Example: Log to File

$logger =
$logger.register :warn, :stderr
$logger.register :warn do |message, meta|"logfile.#{meta[:level]}.txt", "a"){ |f| f.puts "#{meta[:time]} | #{message}" }

$logger.log "hey", :warn # Will write to STDERR and logfile.warn.txt

Other ideas you could do: Send data to a remote endpoint, send emails, send to analytics...


Copyright (c) 2015 Jan Lelis. See MIT-LICENSE for details.