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= Harvester 0.8
The Harvester is a web-based Feed-Aggregator, see https://github.com/janlelis/harvester

Running instances can be seen at:
http://blog-harvester.de or http://rubynetz.de

The Harvester eats the feeds you want and produces a static html/feed page that aggregates all those.

== Warning

Harvester 0.8 is alpha quality! There are still some unfixed bugs (e.g. database stuff)

== Installation

Install the harvester with

  gem install harvester --pre

You can now create a new harvester project with

  harvester new <project_directory>

Then you will need to configure <tt>config.yaml</tt>, <tt>collections.yaml</tt> and the templates to suit your needs (see below). You also have to run <tt>harvester db create</tt> (in that directory) to create your initial database structure.

== Configuration

<tt>config.yaml</tt> contains general configuration, like paths, logs and timeouts. You can also configure your database there. The default database backend is SQLite3, but all the following ones are supported:
* SQLite3
* PostgreSQL

The <tt>collections.yaml</tt> file contains the links to your desired feeds.

== Usage

Then run

  harvester run

in the project directory or run

  harvester run -c path/to/config.yaml

This will create the output files. That's it ;).

Usually, you want to run this command automatically every x seconds/minutes. You can use a program like <tt>cron</tt> or simply run

  harvester clock <time>

to start a simple scheduler.

There some more harvester commands to explore. Run


to get a command list.

== Customizing the templates


== Todo
* Still some things broken after update
* Fix database issues
* Fix wrong tweet escaping (sometimes: ä-->&auml;)
* Improve/fix feed parsing (especially atom)
* Fix chart generation
* Tidy up templates / remove astro-specific links
* Extract mrss.rb into extra gem

* Security issues
* Optimize performance
* Fix jabber bot
* Implement some kind of tag filters

== Credits

* {Astro}[https://github.com/astro] (2005-2008)
* Neingeist
* Tigion
* Josef Spillner
* {J-_-L}[https://github.com/janlelis]
* Others (MySQL patch)