Tiny refinements for Ruby
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Ruby Sugar Refinery version travis

The Ruby Sugar Refinery is a collection of tiny refinements (declarative local core extensions) for Ruby.

Setup & usage

Add to Gemfile:

gem 'sugar_refinery', require: 'sugar_refinery/all'

Then add refinements to the current Ruby file or module:

using SugarRefinery::CamelSnake
using SugarRefinery::HashZip

"ClassName".to_snake # => "class_name"
Hash.zip [1,2,3], [4,5,6] # => {1=>4, 2=>5, 3=>6}

List of included refinements

Please see the documentation, the code or the specs!

The Sugar Refinery was Zucker before

This collection of core extensions used to be called zucker.

Missing former functionality? It might have been extracted into a separate micro gem:


Copyright (c) 2010-2016 Jan Lelis, released under the MIT license