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Collection of Ruby Refinements
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doc release 100.1
lib release 100.1
spec rename array_enum to inner_map
.editorconfig add .editorconfig
.gitignore project meta file updates
.rspec move rspec options to .rspec file
.travis.yml allow jruby to fail
CHANGELOG.txt release 100.1
Gemfile refactor to use refinements; move to_proc to procstar gem; update doc…
MIT-LICENSE.txt tweak meta files
Rakefile release zucker v100
zucker.gemspec upgrade rspec to 2.99

Ruby Zucker version travis

Lots of small refinements to sweeten your Ruby code. See for more documentation.


require 'zucker/camel_snake'
using Zucker::CamelSnake
'was_snake_string'.to_camel # => 'WasSnakeString'
'WasCamelString'.to_snake # => 'was_camel_string'


Missing former functionality? It might have been extracted to separate gems:

Copyright (c) 2010-2015 Jan Lelis | | Released under the MIT license

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