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@@ -4,14 +4,14 @@ This repository contains code that demonstrates large-scale Akka applications. M
The topics I shall cover include:
-* Building (Maven and SBT)
-* Composing features
+* [Building (Maven and SBT)](akka-patterns/wiki/Building)
+* [Composing features](akka-patterns/wiki/Composing)
* Testing (unit, integration and white-box), including BDD
* Data access (relational, document, key-value and graph databases)
* Transactional behaviour
* Proper application of purely functional code & patterns (Shapeless and Scalaz)
* Authentication and authorisation
* User interface
-* And many more
+* [Comparison with Spring Framework](akka-patterns/wiki/Spring)
See the [Wiki](akka-patterns/wiki/Home) for documentation of the various patterns; and please do share your ideas!

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