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Shrinkage Toward Equal Weights in Tetris
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Regularization in directable environments with application to Tetris

This repository contains a Python implementation of M-learning with shrinkage toward equal weights (STEW) regularization applied to Tetris, as used in the article:

Lichtenberg, J. M. & Şimşek, Ö. (2019). Regularization in directable environments with application to Tetris. Proceedings of the 36th International Conference on Machine Learning, in PMLR 97:3953-3962

Further implementation details and pseudo-code of M-learning are available in the Supplementary Material.


Install required Python packages via

pip install -r requirements.txt


The following command runs M-learning with STEW for seven iterations, evaluating the algorithm after iterations 1, 3, and 7. python

Other regularization terms can be tested by setting the regularization parameter to "ridge", "nonnegative", "ols" (= no regularization), or "ew" (equal weights).

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