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A game on the lines of commercial game called CakeMania. The idea is to make an exciting free game which runs on GNU/linux and mac as well.
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Bakery is a 2D single player game.

What does it need to run??? : Mac. It runs on linux, but the fonts don't look good, and the reason for that is Gosu( which doesn't have very good font support in linux. Im yet to figure out a solution for the bad fonts problem.

Status: It is not release ready yet, but functionally is almost done for the first release. I have to add some background music and stuff.... and fix things up for linux. 

Is is ready for TEST-drive??? : Yes, but the difficulty of levels is very minimal, I have kept it this way because its easier to do test. Before releasing, i will do some difficulty tuning and try to bring it to sane levels(to make the game exciting).

How to try: 
    1. Clone the codebase.... | $ git clone git://
    2. Start the game....     | $ cd bakery
                              | $ ./bakery

Ideas for the next release:
      1. Support purchasing of Raw Material.
      2. Support multiple Bakers.
      3. Support Inventory upgrade.
      4. Support map of establishments... game should go to one after another(Map can have Community Center, Shopping Mall, Multiplex with one establishment each... etc).
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