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(c) 2011 Jan Monschke
backbone-couchdb.js is licensed under the MIT license.
Backbone.couch_connector = con =
# some default config values for the database connections
config :
db_name : "backbone_connect"
ddoc_name : "backbone_example"
view_name : "byCollection"
list_name : null
# if true, all Collections will have the _changes feed enabled
global_changes : false
# change the databse base_url to be able to fetch from a remote couchdb
base_url : null
# some helper methods for the connector
helpers :
# returns a string representing the collection (needed for the "collection"-field)
extract_collection_name : (model) ->
throw new Error("No model has been passed") unless model?
return "" unless ((model.collection? and model.collection.url?) or model.url?)
if model.url?
_name = if _.isFunction(model.url) then model.url() else model.url
_name = if _.isFunction(model.collection.url) then model.collection.url() else model.collection.url
# remove the / at the beginning
_name = _name.slice(1, _name.length) if _name[0] == "/"
# jquery.couch.js adds the id itself, so we delete the id if it is in the url.
# "collection/:id" -> "collection"
_splitted = _name.split "/"
_name = if _splitted.length > 0 then _splitted[0] else _name
_name = _name.replace "/", ""
# creates a database instance from the
make_db : ->
db = $.couch.db con.config.db_name
if con.config.base_url?
db.uri = "#{con.config.base_url}/#{con.config.db_name}/";
# calls either the read method for collecions or models
read : (model, opts) ->
if model.models
con.read_collection model, opts
con.read_model model, opts
# Reads all docs of a collection based on the byCollection view or a custom view specified by the collection
read_collection : (coll, opts) ->
_view = @config.view_name
_ddoc = @config.ddoc_name
_list = @config.list_name
keys = [@helpers.extract_collection_name coll]
if coll.db?
coll.listen_to_changes() if coll.db.changes or @config.global_changes
if coll.db.view?
_view = coll.db.view
if coll.db.ddoc?
_ddoc = coll.db.ddoc
if coll.db.keys?
keys = coll.db.keys
if coll.db.list?
_list = coll.db.list
_opts =
keys : keys
success : (data) =>
_temp = []
for doc in data.rows
if doc.value then _temp.push doc.value else _temp.push doc.doc
opts.success _temp
error : (status, error, reason) ->
res =
status: status
error: error
reason: reason
opts.error res
opts.complete res
# support view querying opts
if opts.limit?
_opts.limit = opts.limit;
if opts.skip?
_opts.skip = opts.skip;
if opts.include_docs?
_opts.include_docs = opts.include_docs;
if opts.startkey?
_opts.startkey = opts.startkey;
if opts.endkey?
_opts.endkey = opts.endkey;
if opts.startkey_docid?
_opts.startkey_docid = opts.startkey_docid;
if opts.endkey_docid?
_opts.endkey_docid = opts.endkey_docid;
# delete keys if a custom view is requested but no custom keys
if coll.db? and coll.db.view? and not coll.db.keys?
delete _opts.keys
if _list
@helpers.make_db().list "#{_ddoc}/#{_list}", "#{_view}", _opts
@helpers.make_db().view "#{_ddoc}/#{_view}", _opts
# Reads a model from the couchdb by it's ID
read_model : (model, opts) ->
throw new Error("The model has no id property, so it can't get fetched from the database") unless
success : (doc) ->
error : (status, error, reason) ->
res =
status: status
error: error
reason: reason
opts.error res
opts.complete res
# Creates a model in the db
create : (model, opts) ->
vals = model.toJSON()
coll = @helpers.extract_collection_name model
vals.collection = coll if coll.length > 0
@helpers.make_db().saveDoc vals,
success : (doc) ->
_id :
_rev : doc.rev
error : (status, error, reason) ->
res =
status: status
error: error
reason: reason
opts.error res
opts.complete res
# jquery.couch.js uses the same method for updating as it uses for creating a document, so we can use the `create` method here. ###
update : (model, opts) ->
@create(model, opts)
# Deletes a model from the db
del : (model, opts) ->
@helpers.make_db().removeDoc model.toJSON(),
success : ->
error : (nr, req, e) ->
if e == "deleted"
# The doc does no longer exist on the server
res =
status: status
error: error
reason: reason
opts.error res
opts.complete res
# Overriding the sync method here to make the connector work ###
Backbone.sync = (method, model, opts) ->
opts.success ?= ->
opts.error ?= ->
opts.complete ?= ->
switch method
when "read" then model, opts
when "create" then con.create model, opts
when "update" then con.update model, opts
when "delete" then con.del model, opts
class Backbone.Model extends Backbone.Model
# change the idAttribute since CouchDB uses _id
idAttribute : "_id"
clone : ->
new_model = new @constructor(@)
# remove _id and _rev attributes on the cloned model object to have a **really** new, unsaved model object.
# _id and _rev only exist on objects that have been saved, so check for existence is needed.
delete new_model.attributes._id if new_model.attributes._id
delete new_model.attributes._rev if new_model.attributes._rev
# Adds some more methods to Collections that are needed for the connector ###
class Backbone.Collection extends Backbone.Collection
model : Backbone.Model
initialize : ->
@listen_to_changes() if !@_db_changes_enabled && ((@db and @db.changes) or con.config.global_changes)
# Manually start listening to real time updates
listen_to_changes : ->
# don't enable changes feed a second time
unless @_db_changes_enabled
@_db_changes_enabled = true
@_db_inst = con.helpers.make_db() unless @_db_inst
"success" : @_db_prepared_for_changes
# Stop listening to real time updates
stop_changes : ->
@_db_changes_enabled = false
if @_db_changes_handler?
@_db_changes_handler = null
_db_prepared_for_changes : (data) =>
@_db_update_seq = data.update_seq || 0
opts =
include_docs : true
collection : con.helpers.extract_collection_name(@)
filter : "#{con.config.ddoc_name}/by_collection"
_.extend opts, @db
_.defer =>
@_db_changes_handler = @_db_inst.changes(@_db_update_seq, opts)
@_db_changes_handler.onChange @._db_on_change
_db_on_change : (changes) =>
for _doc in changes.results
obj = @get
# test if collection contains the doc, if not, we add it to the collection
if obj?
# remove from collection if doc has been deleted on the server
if _doc.deleted
@remove obj
# set new values if _revs are not the same
obj.set _doc.doc unless obj.get("_rev") == _doc.doc._rev
@add _doc.doc if !_doc.deleted
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