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I'm using this project for the first time. This are the steps to reproduce the error:

  1. fetch a model
  2. change the model in futon (to trigger an error for conflict)
  3. save the model
  4. the error callback is called, but with wrong arguments. I used a console.log(arguments) inside the callback, and I get these 3:
  • The model
  • undefined
  • and Object with success and error, both functions

According to, the error callback should get the model and the response.

NOTE: Maybe this is because couchdb, and response can't be returned, I'm not sure, I don't know this project or couchdb well enough to be sure.


PD: Do you need an unit test showing the error? I can try to write a jasmine showing it


That would be handy!


I'm having the same problem. How do I get access to the actual error that was thrown during a save() ?


Digging into it right now


Unfortunately there's no way to access the response itself since jquery.couch.js does not pass it to the error-callback. But I added a new object that will be passed to error-callbacks that accumulates at least some information on the request.

A simple example for an error callback for a non-existing model:

myModel.fetch({error: function(model, req, options){
    console.log(model, req, options);

This would lead to the following console output:


Is this sufficient enough?


sorry for the late response, I always miss github notifications.

Backbone return the response so the user could check the error, so returning the error instead is pretty close.


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