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Round Robin

A library for running background jobs over and over again in a round robin fashion.

Consists of two parts:

  • A rake task to start workers
  • A ruby library for adding, removing, querying and processing jobs


A Round Robin Job may be any Ruby class which responds to the method perform.

class SearchJob
  def self.perform(search_id)
    search = Search.find(search_id)
    # perform the search

RoundRobin.add(SearchJob, 1)
RoundRobin.add(SearchJob, 2)
RoundRobin.add(SearchJob, 3)

Now fire up two workers with:

COUNT=2 rake round_robin:workers

The two workers workers will take one job at a time each and process them in order.

The workers will be persisted and will be kept even after a restart of the server. Typically in a Rails project a RoundRobin.add can be called in an after_create callback and similarly a RoundRobin.remove may be called after_destroy.

The RoundRobin.add call returns a RoundRobin::Job, that descends from ActiveRecord::Base. That record has the following attributes of interest,

started_at, finished_at: datetime

When the job was started and finished most recently.

every_n_hours: integer

Whether to skip to job unless it was atleast n hours since it was run last time. Use this to avoid running a job more often than preferred. By default set to nil. Nil and zero means as often as possible.

skip: boolean

Whether the job should be skipped in the future. By default set to false.

Round Robin is inspired by Resque and DelayedJob.