Alternative MongoDB driver for languages running on the JVM
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Mongbean is an alternative MongoDB ( driver for languages running on the Java Virtual Machine.

Language support so far



  • Basic operations: query, save, update, remove, ensureIndex, findOne, limit, sort API
  • Mongo documents can be mapped to generic java.util.collections (Maps + Lists)
  • Typesafe API for mapping POJOs to Mongo documents and back
  • DSLs for conditional operators, sorting, aggregation and updates
  • administration API (partial), authentication, cursors
  • Failover/replica pairs (partial)

Code examples

// Find items having field 'foo' greater than 5 and update those field 'bar' by 5.
collection.update(new Query().field("foo").greaterThan(3), new Update().field("bar").increment(5)); 

// typesafe query of POJOs
List<DomainObject> objects = collection.query(new Query().field("name").is("foo"));

// Sorting
List<DomainObject> objects = collection.query(new Query().field("name").orderAscending());

// select distinct values of field 'foo' of those items where value of 'bar' is greater than 5.
collection.query(Aggregation.distinct("foo", new Query().field("bar").greaterThan(5))); 
  • More code examples can be found here

Missing features

  • GridFS (partially)


  • Basic operations: query, save, update, remove, limit, sort, aggregation
  • Working example


ASL 2.0