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A simple-build-tool plugin for deploying a Scala project to a server
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A simple-build-tool 0.10.x / 0.11.x plugin for deploying a project


The sbt-deploy plugin consists of a set of plugins that provide reusable tasks and methods for defining deploy sequences. A deploy sequence is a task that consists of one or more tasks that deploys a distribution to a execution environment. Starting and stopping the service, database migrations, etc. may be part of the deployment process as deploy sequence may consist of user defined tasks.

Installation and usage

Create a file, project/plugins/build.sbt, for plugin library dependencies with the following lines, if you’re using sbt 0.10.x:

  resolvers += "sbt-deploy-repo" at ""

  libraryDependencies += "fi.reaktor" %% "sbt-deploy" % "0.3.1-SNAPSHOT" 

and if sbt 0.11.x:

  resolvers += "sbt-deploy-repo" at ""

  addSbtPlugin("fi.reaktor" %% "sbt-deploy" % "0.3.1-SNAPSHOT")

Then, start using the plugin by amending your settings in the build as follows:

import sbt._
import Keys._

import sbt.deploy.BasicDeployPlugin
import sbt.deploy.BasicDeployPlugin._
import sbt.deploy.BasicDeployPlugin.{Keys => BDP}

object MyProjectBuild extends Build {
  lazy val envSettings = Seq(
    BDP.user := "user", := "localhost",
    BDP.instDirParent := new File("/opt/my-project")
  lazy val MyProject = Project(
    id = "my-project",
    base = file("."),
    settings = Defaults.defaultSettings ++ envSettings + basicDeploySettings

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