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import glob
import re
import os
from gub.syntax import printf, next
from gub import context
from gub import build
from gub import target
from gub import loggedos
darwin_sdk_version = '0.4'
class Rewirer (context.RunnableContext):
def __init__ (self, settings):
context.RunnableContext.__init__ (self,settings)
self.ignore_libs = None
self.skip = ['libgcc_s']
def get_libaries (self, name):
lib_str = loggedos.read_pipe (
self.expand ('%(cross_prefix)s/bin/%(target_architecture)s-otool -L %(name)s',
locals ()),
libs = []
for i in lib_str.split ('\n'):
m = (r'\s+(.*) \(.*\)', i)
if not m:
if (1) in self.ignore_libs:
libs.append ( (1))
return libs
def rewire_mach_o_object (self, name, substitutions):
if not substitutions:
changes = ' '.join (['-change %s %s' % (o, d)
for (o, d) in substitutions])
self.system (
'%(cross_prefix)s/bin/%(target_architecture)s-install_name_tool %(changes)s %(name)s ',
locals ())
def rewire_mach_o_object_executable_path (self, name):
orig_libs = ['/usr/lib']
libs = self.get_libaries (name)
subs = []
for f in libs:
# FIXME: I do not understand this comment
## ignore self.
self.runner.action (os.path.split (f)[1] + ' '
+ os.path.split (name)[1] + '\n')
if os.path.split (f)[1] == os.path.split (name)[1]:
for o in orig_libs:
if o in f:
newpath = re.sub (o, '@executable_path/../lib/', f);
subs.append ((f, newpath))
elif self.expand ('%(targetdir)s') in f:
must_skip = [s for s in self.skip if s in f]
if not must_skip:
raise Exception ('found targetdir in linkage[%(name)s]: %(f)s' % locals ())
printf ('FIXME: skipping[%(name)s]: %(f)s, hope this is ok' % locals ())
self.rewire_mach_o_object (name, subs)
def rewire_binary_dir (self, dir):
if not os.path.isdir (dir):
raise Exception ('not a directory: %(dir)' % locals ())
(root, dirs, files) = next (os.walk (dir))
files = [os.path.join (root, f) for f in files]
for f in files:
must_skip = [s for s in self.skip if s in f]
if not must_skip and os.path.isfile (f):
self.rewire_mach_o_object_executable_path (f)
def set_ignore_libs_from_tarball (self, tarball):
files = loggedos.read_pipe (self.runner.logger,
'tar -tzf %s' % tarball).split ('\n')
self.set_ignore_libs_from_files (files)
def set_ignore_libs_from_files (self, files):
self.ignore_libs = dict ((k.strip ()[1:], True)
for k in files
if k.startswith ('./usr/lib/'))
def rewire_root (self, root):
if self.ignore_libs == None:
raise Exception ('error: should init with file_manager.')
self.rewire_binary_dir (root + '/usr/lib') #FIXME: /usr or %(prefix_dir)s ?
for d in glob.glob (root + '/usr/lib/pango/*/modules/'): #FIXME: /usr or %(prefix_dir)s ?
self.rewire_binary_dir (d)
self.rewire_binary_dir (root + '/usr/bin') #FIXME: /usr or %(prefix_dir)s ?
class Package_rewirer:
def __init__ (self, rewirer, package):
self.rewirer = rewirer
self.package = package
def rewire (self):
self.rewirer.rewire_root (self.package.install_root ())
def get_cross_build_dependencies (settings):
# FIXME: python to avoid gratuitous rebuilds. See darwin/
return ['cross/gcc', 'odcctools', 'python']
def strip_build_dep (old_val, what):
deps = old_val
for w in what:
if w in deps:
deps.remove (w)
deps.sort ()
return deps
def strip_dependency_dict (old_val, what):
d = dict ((k,[p for p in deps if p not in what])
for (k, deps) in list (old_val.items ()))
return d
def change_target_package (package):
from gub import misc
from gub import cross
from gub import build
cross.change_target_package (package)
package.get_build_dependencies = misc.MethodOverrider (package.get_build_dependencies,
(['zlib', 'zlib-devel'],))
package.get_dependency_dict = misc.MethodOverrider (package.get_dependency_dict,
(['zlib', 'zlib-devel'],))
def rpath (foo):
return ''
if not isinstance (package, cross.AutoBuild):
package.rpath = misc.MethodOverrider (package.nop, rpath)
def so_extension (foo):
return '.dylib'
package.so_extension = misc.MethodOverrider (package.nop, so_extension)
def autoupdate (foo):
# somehow retriggers autoconf?!?
# for i in ['', 'configure']:
for i in ['configure']:
package.file_sub ([('-fpascal-strings ', ''),
], '%(srcdir)s/' + i)
package.autoupdate = misc.MethodOverrider (package.autoupdate, autoupdate)
build.change_dict (package, {
## We get a lot of /usr/lib/ -> @executable_path/../lib/
## we need enough space in the header to do these relocs.
'LDFLAGS': '-Wl,-headerpad_max_install_names ',
## UGH: gettext fix for ptrdiff_t
def system (c):
s = os.system (c)
if s:
raise Exception ('barf')
def get_darwin_sdk ():
def system (s):
printf (s)
if os.system (s):
raise Exception ('barf')
host = 'maagd'
version = '0.4'
darwin_version = 8
dest = 'darwin%(darwin_version)d-sdk-%(version)s' % locals ()
system ('rm -rf %s' % dest)
os.mkdir (dest)
src = '/Developer/SDKs/'
if darwin_version == 7:
src += 'MacOSX10.3.9.sdk'
src += 'MacOSX10.4u.sdk'
cmd = ('rsync -a -v %s:%s/ %s/' % (host, src, dest))
system (cmd)
system ('chmod -R +w %s' % dest)
system ('tar cfz %s.tar.gz %s' % (dest, dest))
if __name__== '__main__':
import sys
if len (sys.argv) > 1:
get_darwin_sdk ()
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