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from gub import context
from gub import target
from gub import tools
class Bash (target.AutoBuild):
source = ''
dependencies = ['libtool', 'gettext-devel']
class Bash__mingw (Bash):
source = ''
def patch (self):
self.file_sub ([(r'test \$ac_cv_sys_tiocgwinsz_in_termios_h != yes',
r'test "$ac_cv_sys_tiocgwinsz_in_termios_h" != yes'),
], '%(srcdir)s/configure')
config_cache_overrides = Bash.config_cache_overrides + '''
no_patch = True # let's not use patch in a bootstrap package
class Bash__tools (tools.AutoBuild, Bash):
patches = ['bash-3.2-librestrict.patch']
parallel_build_broken = True
if no_patch:
patches = []
def patch (self):
if no_patch:
self.file_sub ([('^ (check_dev_tty [(][)];)', r' /* \1 */')],
tools.AutoBuild.patch (self)
def install (self):
tools.AutoBuild.install (self)
self.system ('cd %(install_prefix)s/bin && ln -s bash sh')
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