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import os
import re
from gub import tools
from gub import loggedos
class Binutils__tools (tools.AutoBuild):
source = ''
dependencies = ['system::gcc']
# binutils' makefile uses:
# MULTIOSDIR = `$(CC) $(LIBCFLAGS) -print-multi-os-directory`
# which differs on each system. Setting it avoids inconsistencies.
make_flags = 'MULTIOSDIR=../../lib'
def install (self):
tools.AutoBuild.install (self)
install_librestrict_stat_helpers (self)
remove_fedora9_untwanted_but_mysteriously_built_libiberies (self)
def remove_fedora9_untwanted_but_mysteriously_built_libiberies (self):
self.system ('rm -f %(install_prefix)s/lib/libiberty.a')
self.system ('rm -f %(install_prefix)s/lib64/libiberty.a')
def add_g_file_names (logger, file_name):
dir_name = os.path.dirname (file_name)
base_name = os.path.basename (file_name)
gnu_base_name = 'g' + base_name
if '-' in base_name:
gnu_base_name = re.sub ('-([^/g][^/-]*)$', r'-g\1', base_name)
gnu_file_name = os.path.join (dir_name, gnu_base_name) (logger, file_name, gnu_file_name)
def install_librestrict_stat_helpers (self):
# LIBRESTRICT stats PATH to find gnm and gstrip
for d in [
self.map_find_files (add_g_file_names, d, '(^|.*/)([^/g][^-/]*|.*-[^/g][^-/]*)$')
def install_missing_plain_binaries (self):
def copy (logger, full_name):
base_name = (os.path.basename (self.expand (full_name))
.replace (self.expand ('%(toolchain_prefix)s'), ''))
plain_name = self.expand ('%(install_prefix)s%(cross_dir)s/%(target_architecture)s/bin/%(base_name)s', env=locals ())
if not os.path.exists (plain_name):
loggedos.system (logger, 'cp %(full_name)s %(plain_name)s' % locals ())
self.map_find_files (copy, '%(install_prefix)s%(cross_dir)s/bin', self.expand ('%(toolchain_prefix)s.*'))