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from gub import tools
class Fakechroot__tools (tools.AutoBuild):
source = ''
dependencies = [
'util-linux', # fakeroot script uses /usr/bin/getopt
def libs (self):
return '-ldl'
configure_variables = (tools.AutoBuild.configure_variables
+ ' CC=%(system_prefix)s/bin/%(toolchain_prefix)sgcc'
+ ' CCLD=%(system_prefix)s/bin/%(toolchain_prefix)sgcc'
+ ' CXX=%(system_prefix)s/bin/%(toolchain_prefix)sg++')
def compile (self):
tools.AutoBuild.compile (self)
self.file_sub ([('BINDIR=.*', 'BINDIR=%(system_prefix)s/bin'),
('PATHS=', 'PATHS=%(system_prefix)s/lib:'),],
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