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from gub import build
from gub import misc
from gub import target
from gub import tools
class Freetype (target.AutoBuild):
'''Software font engine
FreeType is a software font engine that is designed to be small,
efficient, highly customizable and portable while capable of producing
high-quality output (glyph images). It can be used in graphics
libraries, display servers, font conversion tools, text image generation
tools, and many other products as well.'''
source = ''
def __init__ (self, settings, source):
target.AutoBuild.__init__ (self, settings, source)
# Freetype stats /sbin, /usr/sbin and /hurd to determine if
# build system is unix??
# build.append_dict (self, {'LIBRESTRICT_ALLOW': '/sbin:/usr/sbin:/hurd'})
if 'stat' in misc.librestrict ():
build.add_dict (self, {'LIBRESTRICT_ALLOW': '/sbin:/usr/sbin:/hurd:${LIBRESTRICT_ALLOW-/foo}'})
license_files = ['%(srcdir)s/docs/LICENSE.TXT']
dependencies = ['libtool-devel', 'zlib-devel', 'tools::autoconf']
subpackage_names = ['devel', '']
def configure (self):
# self.autoupdate (autodir=os.path.join (self.srcdir (),
# 'builds/unix'))
self.system ('''
rm -f %(srcdir)s/builds/unix/{,,ftconfig.h,freetype-config,freetype2.pc,config.status,config.log}
target.AutoBuild.configure (self)
self.file_sub ([('^LIBTOOL=.*', 'LIBTOOL=%(builddir)s/libtool --tag=CXX')], '%(builddir)s/Makefile')
def munge_ft_config (self, file):
self.file_sub ([('\nprefix=[^\n]+\n',
('\nhardcode_libdir_flag_spec=.*', '\nhardcode_libdir_flag_spec=')],
file, must_succeed=True)
def install (self):
target.AutoBuild.install (self)
# FIXME: this is broken. for a sane target development package,
# we want /usr/bin/freetype-config must survive.
# While cross building, we create an <toolprefix>-freetype-config
# and prefer that.
self.system ('mkdir -p %(install_prefix)s%(cross_dir)s/bin/')
self.system ('mv %(install_prefix)s/bin/freetype-config %(install_prefix)s%(cross_dir)s/bin/freetype-config')
self.munge_ft_config ('%(install_prefix)s%(cross_dir)s/bin/freetype-config')
class Freetype__mingw (Freetype):
def xxconfigure (self):
Freetype.configure (self)
self.dump ('''
# libtool will not build dll if -no-undefined flag is not present
LDFLAGS:=$(LDFLAGS) -no-undefined
class Freetype__tools (tools.AutoBuild, Freetype):
dependencies = ['libtool', 'zlib']
# FIXME, mi-urg?
license_files = Freetype.license_files
def install (self):
tools.AutoBuild.install (self)
#self.munge_ft_config ('%(install_root)s/%(tools_prefix)s/bin/.freetype-config')
self.munge_ft_config ('%(install_root)s/%(tools_prefix)s/bin/freetype-config')
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