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from gub import target
class Libx11 (target.AutoBuild):
source = ''
dependencies = ['tools::pkg-config', 'libtool', 'inputproto-devel', 'kbproto-devel', 'libxcb-devel', 'xextproto-devel', 'xproto-devel', 'xtrans-devel']
configure_flags = (target.AutoBuild.configure_flags
+ ' --disable-xf86bigfont'
+ ' --disable-malloc0returnsnull')
def patch (self):
self.file_sub ([('pkg-config', '$PKG_CONFIG')],
def compile (self):
self.system ('cd %(builddir)s && make -C src/util makekeys CC=gcc CFLAGS= makekeys_CFLAGS= LDFLAGS=')
target.AutoBuild.compile (self)
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