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from gub import target
class Sysvinit (target.MakeBuild):
source = ''
subpackage_names = ['']
make_flags = 'CC=%(toolchain_prefix)sgcc ROOT=%(install_root)s'
compile_command = 'cd %(builddir)s/src && make %(make_flags)s'
def install (self):
fakeroot_cache = self.builddir () + '/fakeroot.cache'
self.fakeroot (self.expand (self.settings.fakeroot, locals ()))
target.AutoBuild.install (self)
from gub import misc
# FIXME: cannot do these as self.system () in install () as
# install will rm -rf %(install_root)s as first command
# install_clean/install_install?
install_command = misc.join_lines ('''
mkdir -p %(install_root)s/bin &&
mkdir -p %(install_root)s/sbin &&
mkdir -p %(install_prefix)s/bin &&
mkdir -p %(install_prefix)s/include &&
mkdir -p %(install_prefix)s/share/man/man1 &&
mkdir -p %(install_prefix)s/share/man/man5 &&
mkdir -p %(install_prefix)s/share/man/man8 &&
cd %(builddir)s/src && fakeroot make install %(make_flags)s &&
find %(install_root)s/bin %(install_root)s/sbin %(install_prefix)s/bin -type f -o -type l | grep -Ev 'sbin/(tel|)init$' | xargs -I'{}' mv '{}' '{}'.sysvinit
license_files = ['%(srcdir)s/doc/Install']
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