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Latest commit 1803cb8 Feb 19, 2013 @jannic Fix link to sbt-git plugin
The old url resulted in an 404 error. Changed to which seems to be the correct url for that plugin.
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compile Stop using Predef.error Jan 28, 2013
ivy support binary version in launcher Jan 29, 2013
launch Workaround for os deadlock detection at the process level. Fixes #650. Feb 5, 2013
licenses move remaining pieces of sbt subproject to sbt_pending and fix notices Sep 22, 2010
sbt_pending drop more migrated pending items Apr 20, 2011
tasks move pre-type-lambda code to use a type lambda Jan 28, 2013
testing When serially executing tests*, order tests by testOnly filter order Feb 13, 2013
util Update to 2.10.1-RC1 Feb 13, 2013
.gitignore CONTRIBUTING file Jan 7, 2013
LICENSE * move Environment classes to util/env module Jul 14, 2010
NOTICE fix link to CONTRIBUTING from README Jan 7, 2013
api.specification Macro def aware recompilation. Mar 4, 2012

sbt 0.13

This is the 0.13.x series of sbt.

  • Setup: Describes getting started with the latest binary release.
  • See CONTRIBUTING for how to build from source, open an issue, fix or add documentation, or submit a pull request.
  • FAQ: Explains how to get help, how to migrate from 0.7.7, and more.
  • There is a video of a demo given at Scala Days 2011 based on sbt 0.10.0 that gives an introduction to the configuration system in sbt 0.10.0 and later. See the documentation for current information.
  • Google Code: hosts sbt 0.7.7 and earlier versions